Listen Leon: A transformation in culture

The transformation of Listen Leon from a peer-to-peer compliment app to a comprehensive employee engagement platform was a resounding success.
increase in user registrations
increase in user interaction
increase in DAU
client satisfaction

The Challenge

When Listen Leon first approached us, it was operating solely as a peer-to-peer compliment app focused on facilitating anonymous compliments among colleagues. While the concept was novel, Listen Leon faced limitations in scalability and revenue generation. The challenge was to expand its offerings beyond peer-to-peer compliments and transform its business model to drive growth and sustainability.

The Strategy

Our approach was to expand the app's services to provide more value to corporate clients. We developed a comprehensive strategy centred on introducing additional features to enhance workplace culture and bolster employee well-being through data-driven insights. The result was the creation of the Culture Intelligence Suite, comprising seven modules tailored to address various facets of organisational culture and employee engagement.

The Implementation

With the strategy approved, we began implementing changes to the Listen Leon platform. We collaborated closely with their development team to design and integrate new features that enhance user engagement and drive monetisation. This included developing new communication functionalities, implementing analytics and artificial intelligence, and integrating third-party services for corporate wellness initiatives.

The Transformation

The transformation of Listen Leon from a peer-to-peer compliment app to a comprehensive employee engagement platform was a resounding success. By diversifying their offerings and catering to broader customer needs, Listen Leon achieved significant milestones:

Expanded User Base: Introducing new features attracted a broader audience, including HR professionals, team leaders, and corporate clients, leading to a 50% increase in user registrations.

Revenue Growth: The introduction of premium features and corporate subscriptions resulted in a 70% increase in revenue, establishing Listen Leon as a profitable business venture.

Enhanced Engagement: Adding group communication and team-building activities boosted user engagement, with a 60% increase in daily active users and a 40% increase in user interaction.

Positive Feedback: Customers praised the platform's versatility and effectiveness in fostering a positive work culture, leading to a 90% satisfaction rate among corporate clients.

Overall, Listen Leon's transformation into a comprehensive employee engagement platform positioned it as a leader in the digital workplace solutions market, driving growth and value for both users and stakeholders.

The Outcome

By developing the Culture Intelligence Suite, we aimed to empower corporate clients with the tools and insights necessary to cultivate a thriving workplace culture, drive employee engagement, and enhance overall organisational performance. We focused on data and metrics, and the suite of solutions allowed organisations to make strategic decisions that positively impacted their bottom line and employee satisfaction.

The Future

Leon's future is very bright, and we are proud of what we achieved as an extended part of their team. They deserve all the success they can achieve due to their willingness to listen and make drastic changes to their business to ensure its survival. Congratulations to the amazing team at Listen Leon!

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