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"I'm committed to helping entrepreneurs like you bridge the gap."
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"I believe everyone with a great idea deserves a shot at success. That's why I offer a unique partnership for success based on shared ownership (equity) in your business."
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“Mark helped us build our MVP and connected us with a great network.”

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From Dream to Reality

The journey from a fantastic idea to a thriving business can be daunting. Many aspiring entrepreneurs face challenges like.
Limited Network: Building a business can feel isolating, especially without access to experienced mentors or valuable connections.
Business Expertise: Launching and growing a company requires specific skills. You might feel overwhelmed by the complexities of finance, marketing, or operations.
Funding Hurdles: Securing traditional funding options like loans or angel investors can be difficult for newcomers to the business world.
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These obstacles create an uneven playing field. You might have the passion and drive, but lack the support systems and business knowledge that others might have. This can make it difficult to level up your idea and turn it into a scalable business. This is where I can help you the most as I have scaled multiple businesses.


Your Success is My Reward

My innovative service removes the financial barrier to entry. I believe in your potential, so waive upfront fees. Instead, I partner with you through an ownership (equity) model. This allows you to focus on building your dream business while I contribute with my expertise.

Focus on your vision

Dedicate your energy to refining your idea, building your team, and creating a product or service your customers love.

Shared success

My reward is tied to yours. I receive a share of your company (equity), aligning our goals and incentivising me to make your vision a reality.

Strategy and planning

We will have plenty of virtual sessions to devise a plan and a strategy that will lead to a lean, scalable business model.

Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Together we'll develop a functional prototype to test your product or service and gather valuable user feedback.

Secure funding (if required)

I will provide expertise in attracting investors or securing other funding opportunities as your business grows.

The Qualification Process

To ensure we're a good fit for each other, I have a short qualifying process. This helps me identify entrepreneurs who are most likely to benefit from my program and have the potential to build a successful business.

Communication skills

You need to be able to demonstrate your ability to communicate at multiple levels.


I want to know that you understand the industry you're in and your competitors.

Business idea

I want to understand your concept, its potential market, and your vision for the future.

Commitment to learning

I'll be your partner, but success ultimately requires your commitment to learning and adapting.

Dedication and ambition

You need to demonstrate dedication and ambition and show me you have the long-term commitment to succeed.

Passion and drive

Building a business takes dedication. I'm looking for individuals with the perseverance and energy to see their ideas through.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the program.
What is the program?
The program is an initiative by Ridgeon Consultancy that provides strategic business consulting services to startups in exchange for equity.
Who is eligible to apply?
Early-stage startups and entrepreneurs with a viable business idea that come from a challenged background are eligible to apply.
What industries should my business be within?
I can support and mentor entrepreneurs from a wide range of industries. I'm particularly interested in innovative businesses with high growth potential.
How does the equity arrangement work?
In exchange for my consultancy services, I receive a negotiated percentage of equity in your company. The exact percentage is determined on a case-by-case basis.
What percentage of equity do you typically take?
The equity percentage varies depending on the scope of the project and the value of my services. This is negotiated during the application process. However, as the ballpark number, we are looking at 25%.
What kind of support will I receive?
You can expect to receive strategic business advice through 1-2-1 virtual sessions, and access to a project management system where we track all tasks. You will also have access to a strategy platform where we plan the future of your business. Finally, you will receive access to a Slack channel for real-time communication with me whenever you need it.
Is there an end date for the program?
No, the program is more of a business partnership and doesn't have a natural end date. If the business was to sell that could potentially end the partnership.
What happens if my business idea changes?
I understand that startups evolve. If your business idea changes, we'll reassess the strategy together to ensure I'm providing the most relevant and effective support.
What is the process selection?
The selection process involves an application review, an interview, and a due diligence check. I'm looking for startups with innovative ideas, a passionate founder/team, and strong growth potential.
Can I apply if I have co-founders or if I'm part of a team?
Absolutely! I welcome applications from teams. Having co-founders or a team can often be a strength, as it demonstrates that you have multiple people committed to the success of the business.
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