Where vulnerability fuels innovation

Get ready to ditch the startup hype and dive into the real deal.

Founders Den isn't your average podcast.

We're a new platform shattering the illusion of a perfect entrepreneurial journey. We offer a raw, honest look at the emotional rollercoaster of building a business. Here, founders don't just share their stories – they relive them in our intimate London studio.

We delve into the intricate tapestry of your life

We explore your childhood experiences, youthful ambitions, and lessons from past failures. We'll discuss the crippling debt, the exhilarating moments of success, and the sacrifices made along the way. This isn't just about work; it's about the friendships forged in the fire, the relationships that define you, and those that couldn't withstand the pressure.

Our London studio is a paradox

Exposed brick walls and warm lighting create a confessional atmosphere. Yet, state-of-the-art cameras and pristine audio capture every nuance of your story. It's a place of raw honesty, not manufactured perfection.

Vulnerability is the launchpad for innovation.

Are tears welling up as you recount a crushing setback? Is the exhilaration of a hard-won victory still fresh in your voice? We welcome it all. The startup journey is a messy, emotional odyssey, and by embracing that mess, we inspire others to do the same.

Are you a founder with a story to tell?

This isn't just about sharing your experiences; it's about igniting a movement. By laying bare your journey, both triumphant and gut-wrenching lows, you become a beacon of hope for the next generation. You show them it's okay to be vulnerable, that the challenges they face are universal, and that success awaits those who dare to chase it in all its messy glory.